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1,A phone consultation: When your instrument malfunction or suspected malfunction, please contact our service engineers to determine the initial failure of the product; 
2, failure analysis: If the product failure is the instrument parameter settings, the guest operating or fixtures and other issues, you can solve problems on their own under the telephone guidance service engineers; 
If after our confirmation service engineers really in need of repair, please send the instrument back to my company or my local office maintenance. 
a. sure to put the instrument detailed fault conditions clearly written, along with the above attached to the instrument, and the instrument test fixture or test leads and test products back. 
b. exceed the charges detailed in the free warranty period products << Changzhou City of New Precision Electronics Limited Warranty Policy and product maintenance fees. >> 
3, equipment maintenance: After we receive your instrument, we will be the fastest speed of response to your instrument for repair. 
4, maintenance and acceptance: the instrument repaired, we will send the instrument by the shipping company you, please confirm your timely acceptance.

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