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Software customization
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1 , Consulting : Customer consult our company , made it clear to their needs , to achieve cooperation .

2 , Requirements Analysis : After establishing a collaboration, we will conduct a detailed and customer communication , analysis of customer needs , combined with their own experience for our customers preliminary design scheme of the system software. Customer acceptance design , the two sides signed a contract >> << custom software , custom software customers pay advances .

3, the overall design : to identify and obtain customer acceptance in demand , by the system designer for system architecture design and project implementation plan developed together with the customer .

4 , detailed design : according to the system by the program designer architecture, features and specifications for the detailed design of the different modules .

5 , test analysis and systems integration : the different modules of the programming work is completed, the completion of the test , and system integration .

6 , on-site support : after the final completion of the development of software systems , to the customer site for installation , commissioning and training.

7 , the system supports run : after the system is put into operation , we offer customers long-term system maintenance , in addition to ensure the normal operation of the system , but also according to the customer's business problems and changes in the course of discovery , the system software upgrade.

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