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Vision and Mission
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    To provide customers with more sophisticated , more efficient, easier to use test solutions .

    Committed to innovation and precision equipment . Focus on customer needs, provide competitive test solutions and services to consistently create maximum value for customers.

Core Values
    The company's core values ​​are rooted in our deepest core beliefs , our common commitment for the future . It ensures that we unison to provide effective services to customers , and " to provide customers with more sophisticated , more efficient, easier to use test solution " vision.
Customer success
    Customer service is the only reason caused by the presence of a new sophisticated , customer demand is the driving force behind the development of sophisticated new cause . We adhere to customer-centric , rapid response to customer demand , continuing to create value for customers and thus customer success . Provide effective services to customers , and the value of our work is the direction of the evaluation scale , customer success is the success of our own .

Hard work
    We do not have any scarce resources can rely on , only hard work to win the respect and trust of customers . Any minor struggle is reflected in the activities of creating value for customers , and in the process of preparing for labor to enrich themselves and make efforts to improve . We adhere to the striver oriented, so striver get a reasonable return .

    The purpose of self-criticism is continuous improvement, continuous improvement, rather than self-denial . Only by adhering to self-criticism, to listen, discard and continued beyond, in order to more easily collaborate with others, respect for others and achieve customer and the company , team and individual co- development

Open ahead
    In order to better meet customer needs , we will be proactive , courage , insist on openness and innovation. Any advanced technology, products , solutions and business management, only translated into commercial success to produce value. We adhere to customer demand-oriented and focus on customer needs continuous innovation .

Sincerity and trustworthiness
    Deliver its promises. Adhere to the faith to win customers and win excellent staff , win social respect.

    Katsunori celebrated toast , Baize desperate rescue. Coordination and cooperation is not only the team spirit of collaboration across cultural groups , but also break down departmental walls and enhance effective protection process efficiency .

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