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ZXPBrand Meaning 
  ZXP is caused by a new precision(ZhiXin Precision)Abbreviation。
  ZXP brand names simple atmosphere, full of visual impact, in any situation can glance. Facilitate the different regions, different cultural backgrounds to identify and recognize. Simple and elegant design expressed the ZXP company's integrity, pragmatic, prudent and progressive corporate style. Chinese and English logo pattern composed of two parts, the English "ZXP" and "To the new Precision" kanji logo consisting of an indivisible whole. "To the new precision" in the logo can be viewed as a pattern. 
  Two. Trademark glyph meaning 
  1 to highlight the trademarks of major“X”:
 “X”The fantastically shaped like a rocket, and similar Sparkling Red Star homonym "new" meaning -------- meaning: create "new", "new" products, "new" technology, "new" company. "new "in the future. 
  2 Meaning trademark font color: 
  XFont for the "orange" color "orange", homophonic "success" and "a";. "Red", meaning for enterprise development "booming" and "red."
  Z、 PAs "green" color, represents: Our business development will "excel, rather than blue," the implication.
  3.ZXP logo color value: 
  RedX: R:255 G:0 B:0 ; Blue Z And P:R:0 G:255 B:255

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